Namalco Construction Services Limited is a name synonymous with innovation and excellence since 1998. 

Namalco is an established construction firm that has built a strong reputation for delivering high quality and professional practice. We pride ourselves on our impressive track record which highlights our wide range of experiences and successes which sets us apart as a major player in the construction industry. 
Since 1998 we have developed a culture of working in partnership with our clients and stakeholders in achieving their project goals, with our passion for customer satisfaction being the key driver for our success. 

Our engagements range from small to large scale projects in both the public and private sector. Through the prudent management of our projects, coupled with our team of bright, vibrant and dynamic professionals, our success is assured each and every time. 



Safety, Quality & Productivity


We are committed to provide the highest quality of service and to deliver all projects on-time; done in the highest quality and within budgets.


Client Satisfaction being our top priority will always be achieved through our professionalism, integrity, honesty and hard work; all of which reflects through our growth and success.



To transform the Construction sector through Innovation and Technology while delivering

World-Class projects to our clients both

locally and regionally.


23+ years of


We have the know-how you need.

Namalco’s core focus of business is Heavy Construction.

This includes Building Construction, Infrastructure Development, Land Preparation Works,

Construction of Highways, Bridges and Traffic Interchanges, Marine Construction, Dredging Works,

Piling and Deep Foundation Works, Asphalt, Concrete and Portland Cement Concrete Suppliers.

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Our Capabilities

Our A-Team

Naeem Ali

The Managing Director heads the organization and is instrumental in every aspect of the business. Through Mr. Ali's strong leadership and quick decision making, NAMALCO is able to stay ahead of its competitors. Mr. Ali's vast knowledge and experience of the construction sector coupled with his drive and ambition ensures that NAMALCO continues to excel in all aspects of its business.


Amar Bhola

The Plant Manager is responsible for the management of the Asphalt Production and Ready-Mix Concrete Division. Mr. Bhola has served NAMALCO for over 15 years and leads a highly skilled team for the operation and maintenance of NAMALCO's concrete and asphalt plants. His primary function is to ensure that all operations are in conformance with the Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ) framework. Mr. Bhola has proven to be a key asset to NAMALCO's operations as he and his team continue to produce high-quality bituminous and concrete mixes to our many valued clients.


Homala Ali

The Financial Director heads the finance and administrative arms of the organization and with over 20 years of experience in the finance and accounting fields, Mrs. Ali continues to lead a team of highly skilled professionals and ensures that NAMALCO continues on a smooth path to success.

Lenny Sookram

The Project Director heads the projects department. Mr. Sookram has served NAMALCO for over 10 years and brings a wide range of experience and knowledge from the construction field, providing leadership to the various project teams. His key inputs in Construction Law, Project Risk Management, Strategic Planning, and Civil Engineering, amongst others, makes him a key asset to NAMALCO's high-level performance.


Josanne Gayah

The Administrative Manager is responsible for the company's overall administrative arms of Human Resource Management, Payroll and Accounts Management, Document Control, and Secretarial functions. Ms. Gayah has served NAMALCO for over 18 years and provides direct support to the Financial Director. She has proven to be a key asset to NAMALCO as she ensures that the company's various divisions are efficiently managed.


Nicky Khan

The Procurement Manager is responsible for the purchasing and logistics of all local and imported materials and equipment. Mr. Khan has served NAMALCO for over 15 years and has proven to be a key asset to NAMALCO's operations as he ensures that the company, and by extension, our many valued clients receive value for money through the efficient sourcing and delivery of high-quality goods and products at the best market price.


Hilary Alexander

The Operations Manager is responsible for the company's overall operations and Mr. Alexander's role and function is integrated into every company division. Mr. Alexander has served NAMALCO for over 18 years, and he has proven to be a key asset to our company's success.


Amrit Ramharack

The Planning & Engineering Manager is responsible for the company's overall project planning and execution, engineering controls, and operations. Mr. Ramharack has served NAMALCO for over 6 years and reports directly to the Project Director. His main function entails the management of the project managers and project teams. Through his prudent management approach, he has proven to be an integral asset for our company's success and growth.


Marvin Cadogan

Equipment & Mechanical

Maintenance Manager



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