The Asphalt Division is supported by three (3) asphalt plants with a combined production capacity of 2000 plus tons per hour. These plants are also state of the art technology and are well maintained. All three plants can be configured either as fixed plants or mobile plants and setting up is quick and easy. These asphalt plants are also fully capable of producing reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) mixes, given that the international road construction industry is quickly moving towards new techniques and construction methods in the reuse and recycling of existing construction materials.

NAMALCO provides complete road paving solutions for any application. Due to its strategic location, adjacent to Lake Asphalt (Pitch Lake, La Brea), there is a convenient and cost effective supply of high grade bitumen and road oil that meets international industry standards. In addition, NAMALCO has a complete range of road paving equipment comprising of asphalt pavers, rollers, road sweepers, bituminous spray and water trucks, milling machines and a large fleet of dump trucks.
Our asphalt division is one of the largest and most advanced in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider Caribbean region and is ready to cater to your individual needs. NAMALCO also owns a fleet of road paving equipment, creating additional efficiencies that save customers both time and money.