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Concrete Division

NAMALCO Construction Owner Naeem Ali

Managing Director:

"With 24+ Years in producing Read-Mix and Portland Cement, the quality of our products still remains at World-Class standards.."

And Precast Concrete

Our Ready-Mix Concrete Division has six state-of-the-art concrete plants with a combined capacity of 1,000-plus cubic yards per hour.


This division is complemented with a full fleet of new and reliable concreting equipment including concrete mixer trucks, concrete boom pump trucks (28 m–52 m boom reach), concrete line pumps, and bulk cement tankers. We produce a wide range of concrete mixes and strengths, all of which are produced by laboratory mix designs and controlled by rigorous laboratory testing to guarantee strength and durability.

Asphalt Plant Trinidad and Tobago

This division produces concrete blocks and products for both public sale and for NAMALCO’s operations and projects.


The Precast Concrete Division produces concrete products that are of high quality and meet our clients’ project specifications. The concrete block factory has a production capacity of 8,000-plus high-quality concrete blocks per day, ranging in 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch sizes. We also produce precast concrete tiles, pull boxes, and many other fine products. All NAMALCO’s products are quality controlled and subject to rigorous laboratory testing.

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